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The Perks of Perth

Australia is known for many things. Most people are familiar of the Gold Coast and the good set of waves you can surf and ride all year round. To those who are in to the theatrical arts the Sidney Opera house is definitely a destination that must not be missed. The world knows that Melbourne is an entertainment capital that offers plenty of activity options for the young and active. Each Australian city has unique experiences to offer. Perth, on the other hand, is the laid back and relaxed capital that grows on farming and wine tours. Among all Australian cities, Perth has the most perks to offer. If you are planning on visiting Perth here are some of the activities that you can fill your schedule with.

Kings Park, Western Australia

The Kings Park is at the center of the city and is definitely one of the most visited attractions in the area. It is estimated to receive about 6 million visitors in a year. Many of the people who come here enjoy the view or take long walks in it’s landscaped trails. It is so huge at four square kilometers and is also recognized as one of the biggest parks in the world.

Bibbulum Track

If you are an adventurous type of person then this activity is for you. People in Perth love to go out and do a lot more outdoor activity compared to other Australian cities. The convenient placement of a hiking and camping trail within the city limits is a huge factor in getting a lot of its residents to get our more in the sun. The trail starts from east of Perth and ends in Albany. The Bibbulum Track is approximately one thousand kilometers long. The park got its name from the indigenous tribes native to Australia.

Wine Tours

Perth offers some of the best views of Australia through a different kind of experience. Australia is gifted with fertile grounds that grow some of the best grapes in the world that are later on fermented to become export-quality wines. The wineries and grape farms are only a few minutes to a few hours away from Perth. Look at booking a Swan Valley Wine Tour from Perth. You can find a lot of tour agencies who can organize these tours for you. Wine tours Perth can consume an entire day but you are sure to make good use of your time but getting the experience the rest of the Australian cities rarely offer.

Perth Zoo

If you are travelling with children the best way to keep them entertained and to teach them about the importance of taking care of animals, is to take them to the zoo. If you are in Perth the Perth zoo is open for the public and it has been since 1898. The Perth Zoo is said to cover an area of 41 acres. It is home to an estimated of 1258 animals from 164 species.

If you are in Perth there are plenty of attractions to choose from. From wine tours Perth, to hiking and camping, there is an activity for anyone with a tolerance for fun and adventure.