Benefits of Accommodation Rentals over Hotels in Hervey Bay

Do you have plans to spend your vacation in Hervey Bay? Or does your business plan involve a short-term stay in Hervey Bay? Have you made plans for your accommodation in Hervey Bay?

Planning a holiday also means planning for accommodation. This gives you options of either renting an accommodation home or staying in a hotel.

Choosing between a vacation rental and a hotel room for your stay in Hervey Bay can be tough. Opting to stay in an accommodation rental provides the following benefits, to include:


Easy access

Like hotels, accommodation rentals are also strategically located in popular attraction areas. This is because the intent of building the accommodation rentals is to keep destinations close and convenient for all their tenants.


Spacious space

Larger spaces are provided by accommodation rentals than hotel rooms. A group or a family of travellers will find the rentals ideal for their needs. Accommodation rentals come in varying sizes. Depending on the number of travellers, the available options are apartments with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms. This is a big contrast to the limited sizes offered by hotel rooms.


Complete privacy

Having complete privacy is probably the best benefit offered by accommodation rentals over hotels. A lot of people to include clients and workers make hotels busy and noisy places. Accommodation apartments impose rules to keep noisy clients away from vacationers. Guests that are not authorised to visit will not be allowed in.

The apartments come fully-equipped with all the amenities of a home. This means that every appliance needed is there for your convenience. Shopping, preparing, and cooking your meals in the apartment is an allowed option for all vacationers.


Cheaper alternative over hotel rooms

Family travellers will find it more expensive staying in a hotel. This is because hotels require different room bookings for various members of the family. Staying in an accommodation rental eliminates this extra cost. A package stay makes the apartments a cheaper alternative over hotel rooms.

The several holiday packages offered by accommodation rentals provides another option to make the vacation more affordable for travellers. The holiday season also brings in more offers and discounts from accommodation rentals.


Hot tubs and swimming pools are only some of the amenities provided by accommodation rentals. There are far more amenities for family or group travellers to enjoy with accommodation rentals compared to hotels.


Hygienic and clean

Making travellers feel at home while away from their home is the ultimate goal of accommodation rentals. To this end, clean and hygienic apartments are provided for every traveller. Clean apartments are guaranteed in accommodation rentals compared to hotel rooms.

Accommodation rentals schedule daily cleaning including change of linens. This type of service provides a stress-free vacation for every traveller opting for accommodation rentals.


24/7 service

A private telephone line is installed in every accommodation apartment. This serves as the communication line for travellers to the 24/7 service provided by accommodation rentals. Booking transport, theatre tickets or restaurant seating is only a phone call away.

Vacations should be fun and bonding times with family and friends. Staying in an accommodation apartment is the best way to enjoy and relax during the holidays. Make the stay the top priority when you plan out your vacation. Book into Hervey Bay apartments from Aqua Aqua. We are here to help make vacations fun, enjoyable, and relaxing.