Excelsior Hotels Reviews

“Excelsior” is a Latin expression meaning higher. It can be translated to ‘reaching ever higher’, ‘elevated’ or ‘lofty’. It has become synonymous with excellence, prestige and a sense of a luxury, especially amongst establishments desiring to instill an air of exceptional quality. It certainly requires the polish to back up the claim. It covers quite the gamut of environments and settings, from backpacker hostels and restaurants to grand hotels. Around the world, from Australia to China and the United States, Excelsior Hotels have arisen bearing no other relation to each other except the name and the image. In fact, the only thing these places have in common other than their shared Latin base is the connecting thread of a superior heritage.

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Almost all of the Excelsior Hotels are special, offering something out of the norm to entice and delight their guests. In their efforts to continue delivering the best possible service and atmosphere, they tend to go to great lengths to ensure visitor contentment and appreciation. Certainly, they uphold the tradition of reaching ever higher and elevating hotel services, exceptionality of staff and exceeding guest expectations.

If you have plans to travel abroad or even inside the country, whether a national holiday or a personal one, a few days in an Excelsior Hotel would almost certainly prove to be a well-earned pampering and quite possibly the pinnacle highlight of any trip, glamourous and enviable. There are over a dozen Excelsior Hotels across the globe in exotic destinations that overlook sparkling harbours, sandy beaches or cosmopolitan jungles. Choose a romantic or exciting backdrop and indulge.

Most Popular Excelsior Hotels

Some of the amazing locations around the world using the Excelsior Hotel name include:

Luxury Locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Manhattan, Dubai, Rome, Dubrovnik